cole de franais du cgep de trois-rivirescole de franais

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faq ecole de francais of cegep de trois-rivieres

The program welcomes around 180 students every summer. It includes a variety of sports and socio-cultural activities. During weekends, students will visit among others Montreal and Quebec City, the Valcartier Vacation Village, and our famous la Mauricie National Park. Due to circumstances beyond our control, certain changes may be made without notice.

Wifi / Computer labs
Students have access to computers and Internet on campus (there is no Wi-Fi connection in the residences).
Everything is included in the tuition fee or in the bursary: tuition, meals, socio-cultural and sports activities, some Saturday trips (e.g. the Mauricie National Park, Village Québécois d’Antan). An additional amount may be asked for optional activities (see the calendar for the activities with a $ sign). The bursary does not cover travelling expenses; therefore, students are responsible for their travelling arrangements and expenses. The only amount students have to pay on site is a $40 deposit for the apartment or room key (this $40 will be reimbursed if the keys are not lost during the program and if the room/apartment is left in the same condition as it was when the student first came in). We also ask students to have pocket money, particularly for the weekend trips. An average or $250 to $400 is usually spent by the students. Meals are provided on these trips, but it is important that students have money to buy additional beverages, snacks or souvenirs.
Emergency calls
An emergency number will be provided to the students a few days before their arrival. This number will be reachable 24/7. If there is no answer, relatives can also leave a voice or text message 24/7 and will be called back as soon as possible. Also, a valid phone number must be provided in order to contact parents or an adult relative during the program. This is mandatory.
English literature and music
In order to optimize the program’s efficiency, English literature is forbidden during the program. English music is tolerated. Students may bring English literature only if it is necessary for school purposes (such as the IB program or other). We must not see these documents; the students will have permission to read them in their room only.
Laptop Computers and Other Electronic Devices
Laptops and electronic devices are permitted but there is no Internet connection in the residences. Students have access to computer labs with Internet on campus. Please note that the program cannot be held responsible in case of loss or theft of any of your personal belongings.
Leisure time
Students have some free time in the afternoons and evenings. Sundays are completely free, but optional activities are always offered. In their free time, students are allowed to visit the city on their own as long as they come back on time for the curfew. Students are not allowed to stay somewhere overnight unless they have a written permission signed by their parents or an adult relative. (see the section on Special outings in the present document for more information).
Two different menus are available for each meal (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). Sorry, we don’t offer Halal food! The meals are served at the campus cafeteria. It is important to forewarn the college before attending the program of any food allergy or special requirement. Some students also choose to buy their own food – whether it is to have breakfast in their apartment or just a quick lunch/dinner. Please note that the rooms are equipped with a refrigerator and stove but they do not include microwaves nor cutlery of any type (no pots nor pans).
Medical Assistance
The program coordinator and the school monitors are always on campus; they can provide help to students in need of medical assistance. All staff members keep their first-aid/CPR certification up to date.
Music instruments
We encourage students to bring their instrument if they want to practice during their stay. Please note that we do not have a piano or music room available, but since apart from our students and staff, the campus will be mostly empty, you will easily find somewhere quiet in the school to practice.
Sleeping Arrangements
There are 6 residences. Girls and boys live separately. For every residence on campus there is a permanent on-site supervisor, day and night. Most students share an apartment (3 students/apartment) with the following amenities: a kitchen, living room, complete bathroom and 3 bedrooms. Each student has his/her own bedroom. Other students have a single bedroom equipped with a microwave, refrigerator and desk; they share a complete bathroom with other roommates located on the same floor. The college cannot make reservations in advance. Students will be attributed (randomly!) a proper sleeping arrangement upon arrival.
N.B.: Sheets, pillows, towels, clothes hangers and fans are NOT provided. Therefore, a sufficient supply of
these articles is required, as well as all personal hygiene necessities and house cleaning products.
Special activities
For some activities like the Halloween event or the graduation ceremony, students will be asked to wear appropriate clothing. Although this is not mandatory, it helps make things more enjoyable! Students should bring their own formal clothes and costumes and/or they can also easily buy funny accessories at the nearby dollar store.
Special outings with family or other similar cases
During the program, students may obtain a special permission to leave campus for a weekend outing or to stay somewhere overnight. A written consent from the student's parents or tutor is mandatory in such cases. Upon reception of the parental consent (by mail or fax), the college will then consult the program coordinator in order to obtain a formal approval for this outing. If you need such a permission, please fill in the parental permission form (write us an email at to obtain this form).
Student information
All student information is confidential; therefore, we cannot disclose any information pertaining to other students attending the program.
Services near campus (at a walking distance):
Grocery stores (IGA, Provigo, Metro);
Dollar store (Giant Tiger);
Shopping center (Sears);
Drugstore (Pharmacie Jean Coutu);
Medical clinic – hospital;
Church – Sunday Mass (no special permission is required – just advise the group supervisor concerning your absence);
Direct banking services (Desjardins, RBC, BMO, no TD Bank, no Scotia Bank – students with debit cards from the latter can use Desjardins ATM's for a small fee).
Visitors are not allowed on campus.
Are there really three different rivers running through the city?
It's a well-kept secret, you'll have to register to find out…
Will I be able to learn some real Quebecois expressions?
Mets-en! Seriously, our staff of teachers is intent on giving you insight on Quebecois culture. Plus the activity leaders might also have some surprises in store for you!
What's the poutine like in Trois-Rivières?
Are you kidding me? It's THE BEST!
Is there a curfew?
Curfew starts at 10:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 12 am on weekends (Friday and Saturday). Quietness is required after these hours and group activities are forbidden. Students must be in their apartment or room by curfew. Students who do not respect the curfew may be evicted from the program at their own expense.
How's the caf food?
The cafeteria food is very well appreciated. There is a good diversity and there's always a vegetarian option. However, no vegan or halal meals are served.
I don't know what to pack?!
Check out our Packing List in the Information Document (See page 13 of this document)
Other questions
If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact us either on our Facebook page or by email.